Brian Rubarts



  • Former Congressional Candidate
  • Author of two electronic books, a course taught at Collin County Community College, and an Editorial in the Dallas Morning News
  • Taught courses in Economics and Government at a private "University-Model" high school, and was an instructor of Microsoft Official Curriculum courses at Collin County Community College
  • Patent-pending inventor of an Internet-based transaction processing interface to the credit card associations
  • Architect and administrator of the data and telecommunications network that supports the electronic payments processing system for Heartland Payment Systems, the 6th largest credit card processor in the United States of America.  My job title is Executive Director of Infrastructure & Security.

Technical Certifications

  • RedHat Certified Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet (NT 4.0)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Early Achiever for Windows 2000
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Cisco Certified Sales Expert
  • Crossbeam Certified Systems Administrator



Brian Rubarts has had a successful career in the information technology industry since 1994.  Currently, he is the Senior Network Administrator responsible for the mission-critical data and telecommunications network that will process nearly 1 billion electronic payment transactions in 2007.  Brian leads a team of 18 people whose responsibilities include administration of a variety of technologies that support credit card processing.  Every day, more than 2 million telephone calls and 1 million SSL transactions are intelligently routed to business partners such as AmericanExpress, Discover, and to card-issuing banks (through connections to Visa and MasterCard).  Heartland's payment system, HPS Exchange, is a profit-driving application that must be available 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.  Since before Christmas in 2005, there has been zero business impact as a result of any discrete component failure.  Meanwhile, most of Heartland's major competitors have suffered measurable system failures that were felt by their customers during the same timespan.   

While at Heartland, Brian has conceived, planned, and executed projects that have resulted in verifiable bottom-line cost savings in excess of $6M.

Brian has been a consultant with Electronic Data Systems and BORN--both of which are information technology consulting firms with national and international reach. Mr. Rubarts specializes in systems integration--as evidenced by his patent-pending solution to take transactions over the Internet--scalability, availability, capacity planning, business continuity planning, and information security.

An economics and finance major at the University of Texas at Dallas, Mr. Rubarts holds technical certifications from Cisco Systems and Crossbeam Systems; and he has been recognized by Microsoft Corporation as a Certified Systems Engineer with a speciality in Internet technologies, and an early achiever of certification in their Windows 2000-based products. In addition to his work as a consultant, he was a part-time instructor in Computer Education courses at Collin County Community College from 2000 until 2002.


In addition to being a candidate for the Republican nomination to the United States House of Representatives, Brian has been a delegate to four precinct conventions, three Senatorial District conventions, and was selected as a delegate to the Texas State Convention of the Republican Party in 1992, and as an alternate to two other state conventions.  At the age of 12, Mr. Rubarts was a volunteer at the Republican Party headquarters of Grayson County in Texas.


A 36-year old native of Texas, he grew up in Sherman and later graduated with honors from Rockwall High School where he played football and was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Brian currently resides in Plano, Texas with his wife of twelve years,Tammy.  He has raised three children: Amanda and twins Toby and Todd.