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Letters to the Editor

Published: February 25, 2004

Right about Rubarts

I appreciate and concur with your comments about Brian Rubarts' qualifications for the congressional seat in District 3. It was the most glowing "non" endorsement of a candidate I have ever read!


He is indeed "bright and articulate," as well as a man of great integrity. You described him as being in many ways a "younger, more energetic version of Mr. Johnson" (his opponent). Apparently the one thing Mr. Rubarts lacks is being the older version of Mr. Johnson, something even Mr. Johnson lacked when he first ran for office.


Twelve years and many elections ago Mr. Johnson campaigned with the theme that the U.S. House should indeed be made up of citizen lawmakers, not professional politicians. By voting for Brian Rubarts we can now make the clear-cut choice of sending a bright, articulate and energetic candidate to effectively represent our district and state in the U.S. House of Representatives as a citizen lawmaker.


Mike Witte, Plano


Published: February 26, 2004

It's our turn

Over the last few years, I can remember two or three very visible public elections representing a thorough disgust with what voters see as the "status quo." The two most visible are Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger. Both were elected because voters were not happy with the bloated, inefficient, unresponsive nature of their current elected officials.

I believe that something similar could take place in the 3rd Congressional District. Young Brian Rubarts represents the fiery passion that exists in would-be public servants that have a real burn to make a difference. He is energetic, articulate, learned, educated and, contrary to his age, very wise. He is the antithesis of "status quo" and is just what voters in the 3rd District need to replace a congressman who has outstayed his welcome and lost touch with constituents.


In sharp contrast to Mr. Johnson, Brian Rubarts has promised voters to serve only six years, then move on to let another young passionate candidate take his place. What a wonderful approach to politics!


Barry Hensley, Frisco


Published: March 7, 2004


Rubarts dynamic

Grass-roots candidates are sometimes harbingers of dynamic political and social change. Of all the candidates described in your recent primary election coverage, Brian Rubarts, challenging Rep. Sam Johnson for the Republican nomination in the 3rd Congressional District, seems most promising. He is young, energetic and articulate with some truly original ideas about how to restore the loss of jobs in North Texas and bring renewal to Washington.


While we should all be grateful for Sam Johnson's presence on the Ways and Means Committee - and proud of his fine record - Mr. Rubarts seems most poised to bring the kind of optimistic long-term renewal Texans need.


Michael Chrasta, St. Paul


Rubarts understands

 I am writing to strongly encourage all those in Congressional District 3 to vote for Brian Rubarts in the upcoming primary election. I am very concerned about the loss of high-tech jobs to overseas companies, and the impact that such a loss has on our economy and national security.

I am an IT professional who has lost a job twice due to the extended impact of the outflow of high-tech jobs. I do not believe that the incumbent has a sufficient understanding of this situation and the negative impact it has had in his own district.


Mr. Rubarts is a man of integrity, passion, vigor and intelligence who brings deep understanding and a fresh perspective to this and other critical issues. If he is elected, he will fight not just for the preservation of high-tech jobs, but also for the preservation of our liberties, our economic and military strength and our families.


Michael A. Brown, Plano