Heartland Payment Systems Cost Savings

The Projects

Although this site highlights me, my career, and my views; it would not be proper to omit the contributions of the very talented and intelligent people that I have worked for, worked with, and provided leadership to.

In addition to the senior management of Heartland Payment Systems (traded on the NYSE under the symbol HPY) which is featured in its SEC filings, I have been fortunate to work with some of the smartest, most technically comptetent, and hardest working people in the payments processing industry.  More information about those people can be found below. 

The projects that I conceived and executed, from which HPS reaped significant cost savings, are:

  • The Least Cost Call Routing Plan for Tollfree Number administration and routing 
  • Invention of TACIT, and the creation of the Internet Payment Gateway

In addition to the items listed above, Brian and his team at Heartland have performed other projects at the request of the company that have increased system availability, system scalability, and corporate revenues; and decreased costs.  These projects include:

  • Separating the application and database servers
  • Designing and implementing multi-instance credit switching
  • Designing and implementing Oracle RAC
  • Designing and implementing multi-site processing
  • Designing and implementing a wireless (CDMA and GPRS) payment gateway
  • Implementation of multiple 3rd-party gateway applications
  • Designing and implementing new statistics collection and analysis applications

The People

The Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer of HPS is Alan Sims.  Prior to his promotion to CTO, Aln was the Senior Developer for Exchange. Alan previously worked at Electronic Data Systems for many years prior to arriving at Heartland, and he is a certified Java developer.  He is the co-inventor of the patent-pending TACIT system that enabled Heartland to take electronic payments over the Internet without using third party products for the first time in its history.  Alan was responsible for our transaction clearing process, enhancements to our core switching application, the Internet Payment Gateway, the stats collection process, and the proprietary Intelligent Application Load Balancer (I-ALB) system that made multi-site processing with automatic site-to-site failover possible for our OLTP. 

The Infrastructure & Security Team at HPS

I am the Executive Director of Infrastructure and Security, and my bio is on another page.

The Management Team

Brian Havens - Manager of Data Networks.  He is responsible for LAN/WAN, SecureACS, and application acceleration administration; Mr. Havens reports to me, and he is a CCNP, RHCA, and MCSE.

Marty Ray - Manager or Security Operations.  He is responsible for our IPS, firewall, VPN, and anti-virus/anti-spyware solutions.  He is extremely well versed in Crossbeam, and Checkpoint VSX administration; Marty reports to me, and he is a MCSE, and he holds certifications from Crossbeam and Checkpoint

John Sotello - Manager of Telecommunications.  John is the czar of SMS, carrier call routing, circuit layout and design, and dial concentrator administration; John reports to me, and he is a CCNA in addition to being SMS800 certified.

Steve Jones - Manager of Systems Support.  Steve is a very experienced systems administrator, having formerly been responsible for the server platform at ACME Brick Company and Data Return.  Steve reports directly to me.


The Front-end Payments Processing Group

The Executive Director of HPS Exchange, the front-end electronics payment platform at Heartland, is Sivaram Enjeti, who has had a very successful career at Redhat and Sabre prior to coming to Heartland.  Mr. Enjeti has an excellent mind for finance and management in addition to being a solid and heavily-certified UNIX and Linux administrator.